Nice to meet you.

Hi, my name is Derek Sneddon. I'm an author, CS student, and avid gamer.

What's this Website for?

Here on my website, you will be able to learn about me and my various projects. Whether you are an employer, a student, or viewer of mine, I'm sure you be able to get to know me better here.

My Story

I grew up in Idaho writing stories, playing games, and experimenting with the world around me. I loved the logic of math, but found that it lacked the same creative freedom that writing had. That was when, in highschool, I discovered programming and fell in love with the logical creativity it had. In March of 2019, I published The Chronicles of Bones and Steel Book 1: The Awakening. I also have developed websites for individual clients, taught various programming classes, and am now currently studying computer science at my local university.